Sam Greene – Male Head of College

I’m Sam, and I’ll be your male Head of College this year. That means that I’m meant to be an advocate and a support for you. Along with the other Student Heads, I’m meant to work to make your experience at Trinity better. If you need information about anything from clubs, to academics, to student government, to where near campus to find half-price hot wings, I’m happy to help. If you want to make something happen at the College, come see me and we’ll work on it together.

I’m originally from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and I’m a fourth year specialist in International Relations. I studied in the Trin One I.R. steam, I’ve been heavily involved with the Hart House Debating Club, and, amongst other things, I serve on the Faculty of Arts & Science Council and Academic Appeals Board.

2012-2013 is my fourth year living in residence at Trinity, and I’m really excited. Drop by my common room on the second floor of Welch House any time. Or drop me a line at or 647-239-7445.

Paulina Bogdanova – Female Head of College

Hi everyone! My name is Paulina and I am your Female Head of College! Next year I will be in third year, pursuing a double major in International Relations and English Literature.

The role of Head of College combines student government leadership with fostering a welcoming, inclusive, fun community at Trin. My co-Heads and I are really looking forward to welcoming you here.

Originally from North York, Toronto, I have lived in residence for my first two years at Trinity and will be living in residence at St. Hilda’s next year. I am very familiar with Toronto and with the university community, so if you have any questions about life in the city, I would be happy to speak with you.

As a side-note, in my first year, I was in the Vic One program (Frye stream) – one of U of T’s fantastic foundation year programs. If you have any questions feel free to ask me! My email is I’m really excited to meet you all, and to have an incredible year together.  Met’Agona!

Sarah Nankivell – Female Head of Non-Residence

Hello! My name is Sarah Nankivell and I will be your female Head of Non-Resident Affairs for this year. I am entering my fourth year of studies in Ancient Egyptian History and Psychology. As your Head of Non-Res, it’s my job to represent the needs and interests of the non-resident student community, but I am always available to all students (non-residents and residents alike). Last year I lived off-residence in an apartment close to campus and will be doing the same this year. Being a non-resident student has been a great experience for me because Toronto is an amazing city to live in – I hope I can show you all why I love it so much.

Trinity is a fantastic community that I know each and every one of you can find a way to be involved in. If you have any questions feel free to add me on facebook or send me an email at

Enko Koceku – Male Head of Non-Residence

Hello! My name is Enko and I’ll be your Male Head of Non-Resident Affairs for this year. I am entering my fourth year as a Political Science specialist at U of T, with a minor in English. This basically means that I’ve dedicated my life to talking about my feelings. As my position would suggest, I do not live on campus, but instead commute every day from the west-end of Toronto. To any incoming non-resident students, don’t fear! There are plenty of ways to become involved at Trinity.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to either message me or send me an email at

Ben Crase – Male Head of Arts


I’m Ben and your Male Head of Arts for 2012-2013.

I'm from Oshawa, Ontario (“the City in Motion”), but spend most of my time in Toronto… for obvious reasons. At school I’m going into third year working towards a history specialist, one of the most employable majors the University offers. Next year I’ll have the sacred duty of reigning over 2nd Massey, living with the other men worthy of this burden. If you want to ask me anything, send me a message via facebook, I have a reputation for ignoring emails.

Basically the job of the Heads of Arts is to make sure everyone is having a good time. Whether it involves hosting movie nights in the common room, taking you on outings for dinner and karaoke, or even throwing parties, Melissa and I here to help you get the most out of Trinity College social life. Email me at


Melissa Beauregard – Female Head of Arts

Hi Everyone!

My name is Melissa Beauregard and I will be your Female Head of Arts next year. I will be a 4th year student, double majoring in English and Ethics, Society, & Law, and minoring in Political Science. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, however I become very fond of The Great White North and have only been home a few times since I moved here. It does mean that I understand the woes of being an international student however, so if you need any advice on phone services, bank account, or even just how to avoid confusion on the TTC, I am more than glad to help out.

Next year I will be living in 222 Whitaker, right next to the Whitaker common room, so if you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to knock on my door!

If you have any questions throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to send me a facebook message, e-mail at, or phone me: 416-606-9125.


Jake Brockman – TCM Chair

Hi there, I’m Jake and I will be serving as the Chair of the Trinity College Meeting for this year. I am in the fourth year of my degree in International Relations and English. I have been a non-resident student for all four years at Trin and served as Head of NRAC last year. As Chair, I’m responsible for making sure that our gargantuan system of student government runs effectively and efficiently. The TCM is an important body in the student life of the college and makes decisions around the allocation of student fees, the rules of our election campaigns and the themes of major social events. The best part, in my opinion, is that everyone has the opportunity to speak and everyone has an equal voice in voting. Another thing the TCM is crucial for is starting new clubs and funding continuing ones. To create a club, you will need a mandate and a budget to present to the TCM. The mandate and budget process is laid out in the Constitution and the Fiscal Policy, but if you have any questions, just get in touch with me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Once again, best wishes for a successful school year and I’ll see you around.



TBA – TCM Treasurer

TBA – TCM Secretary


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