We will post information about events at the college here throughout the year. For now, below are a few short descriptions of major events to look out for!

Melinda Seaman Party

One of the two big parties held during Frosh Week! Held at the Melinda Seaman Dining Hall in St. Hilda’s this party has been a long-standing tradition of Trinity College. Come dressed to impress!

Toga Party

TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! The second party held during Frosh Week also qualifies as one of Trinity’s biggest. Come dressed in your finest Roman threads (alternatively, a bed sheet) and dance the night away!

First-Year Elections

Possibly the most serious electoral event in Canadian Satirical Election History. First-years must take part in events that test the body, mind, and spirit in order to win the right to represent their year in Trinity’s various organizations. We cannot express how completely and utterly serious these elections are.

Gowning In

The Gowning-In Ceremony is a time-honoured tradition at Trinity College. At the ceremony, Upper Year students tear the sleeves of the gowns worn by First-Years, signifying their introduction to College life. First-years can only wear their gowns once they have been gowned-in. Historically, the Women of College hold their Gowning-In at St. Hilda’s while the Men of College hold it at Trinity.

Heads’ Pub Nights

Come out and celebrate with your Student Heads! Pub Nights are monthly, themed events organized by your Heads that take place each semester.

Shakespeare in the Quad

Does thou fancy the works of the Bard?  Lest thee be a knave, come to the Quad and enjoy this most cunning production by the Trinity College Dramatic Society o’er wrough with madness and vindication.

Thanksgiving High Table

One of the two best high tables of the year! Dress up and enjoy a full turkey dinner with your friends while being thankful for the greatest gift of all, a long weekend from U of T.

Trinity Book Sale

Probably the best place to get that really old version of Goethe’s Faust you’ve been hoping to add to your collection. The Trinity Book Sale is a great place to find good books on the cheap.

Halloween Party

At the end of each October (durrr) NRAC transforms the Buttery into a wretched hive of scum and villainy. All manner of beastly ghouls and ghastly beasts are welcome.

Saints’ Ball

The first of Trinity’s formal events, the Saints’ Charity Ball is always held in mid-November. This year Saints will be centered on an Alice in Wonderland theme, based on the novels by Lewis Carroll. The Saints’ Ball is pre-empted by a week of events including a “Death by Chocolate” dinner, a coffeehouse, and, of course, two date nights.

Saints’ Rush

The Saints’ Rush takes place exactly one month before the Ball itself. On this night, the Men and Women of College rush their potential partners at midnight and officially kick off the countdown to Saints’. Aside from the first rule, which is always “Don’t talk about Fight Club,” the second rule of the Saints’ Rush is that unless you are already taken, you must say yes to whoever asks you.

Christmas High Table

The second, best high table isn’t necessarily second-best! Come out and celebrate the holidays with good food, plentiful wine and even better company.


The second formal event of the year is hosted by the Lit and held in Seeley Hall. Bubbly is a champagne gala in December that will leave you dazed until January. Celebrating the end of the academic term, this event is one of the best and most popular events of the year.

The Athletic

Kick off the second semester with the TCAA and SHAA! Held at the end of the first week of school in January, the Athletic features a more relaxed atmosphere but just as much fun as those other Trinity events. Perfect for those that think wearing a 37-piece tuxedo is maybe overdoing it.


Dress to the nines (and tens) for the final formal event of the year! The Conversazione, or Conversat for short, is the biggest and most formal event of the year. Held at Strachan Hall, Conversat also has an amazing week of pre-events and two date nights prior to the night itself.

Conversat Rush

Like with the Saints’ Ball, Conversat also has a rush, imaginatively dubbed the Conversat Rush. At the stroke of midnight, the Men and Women of College rush the apples of their eye in the hopes of adding to the generally accepted statistic that 66% of Trinity students end up married to each other.

Quad Party

The Alpha and the Omega, Quad Party exists in infamy among livers everywhere. No single event in human history has been reviled and adored at the same time as much. It is the only instance in human history where the premise is also the conclusion. That’s right folks, Quad Party because Quad Party.