We are very proud to have a large and varied number of different student-run clubs and organizations at Trinity College. No matter what your interests are, there is probably a club for you. If nothing here appeals to you, start your own club! If you missed the TCM Orientation during frosh week, you can find the instructions for starting a club here!

There are two types of clubs at Trin: levied and non-levied. Essentially, the difference is that a levied club receives a pre-determined percentage of student fees each year and non-levied clubs apply for funding annually from the Trinity College Meeting (TCM).

Here is a list of some of the clubs offered through Trin, and their contact info if you’re interested in joining or want to learn more:


St. Hilda’s Athletic Association (SHAA) and the Trinity College Athletic Association (TCAA)

Led by Presidents Emily Hisey-Bowden (SHAA) and Nicholas Chong (TCAA), the SHAA/TCAA aims to provide all those interested in athletics and healthy living at university the opportunity to participate in the vast programming that is available to you at both Trin and UofT. SHAA/TCAA organizes athletic events and outings and will be your liaison to UofT’s Intramural Program. As well, SHAA/TCAA will be responsible for organizing TrinWear (Trin apparel) and athletics-related programming throughout the year.

Contact us to sign up for the various teams available to participate in this year, including soccer, hockey, basketball, cricket, inner tube water polo, and Ultimate Frisbee!

Contact for SHAA/TCAA

For TCAA inquiries, email:

For SHAA inquiries, email:



Rainbow Trinity

Rainbow Trinity endeavors to create a positive space for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgendered, and queer students at Trinity College. They aim to promote an open, vibrant, and equitable environment at the College, and to provide a variety of supports to Trinity's LGBTQ students.

Contact for Rainbow Trinity


The Trinity College Literary Institute (The Lit)

Founded in the 1840’s, the Lit is the oldest debating society in Canada. The club started as a serious debate society to discuss issues of politics and theology, but early in the 1900’s the mandate of the Lit switched to that of a comedic debating society. We meet every Wednesday evening at 9pm in a parliamentary style debate (two government vs. two opposition) clashing over the weekly resolution. In addition to our weekly events the Lit also hosts Bubbly, a formal social to celebrate the end of the first semester (and an event which many consider the best of the year), as well as (human) Chess in the Quad, Guy Fawkes Night, Robbie Burns Night, the Lit Revue (a night of sketch comedy), and much more.

Contact for The Lit

Anthony Bothelo, Prime Minister of the TCLI:

Alexander Saxton, Speaker of the TCLI:


The Salterrae

Trinity College’s student newspaper, the Salterrae, gives students the chance to cover events taking place all over campus. The Salterrae’s writers come from a wide range of backgrounds, offering coverage and commentary on issues both local and global. To contribute articles, send an e-mail including a writing sample and your area of interest to To get involved in web content, send an e-mail specifying your area of expertise.

Contact for The Salterrae


Trinity College Volunteer Society (TCVS)

The TCVS is a not-for-profit student organization at Trinity College aiming to promote and encourage volunteerism. Our projects for the 2012-2013 year will include working with the Toronto Humane Society, Osgoode Hall’s Lawyers Feed the Hungry, Out of the Cold and our Annual Spring Gala. The TCVS welcomes any proposals for volunteer projects and because several volunteer projects are hosted at various times during the school year, getting involved is easy and members are always welcome.

Contact for TCVS



Trinity College Dramatic Society (TCDS)

The TCDS is responsible for all dramatic productions put on at Trinity, and hosts a variety of events such as outings to Second City or theatrical productions, as well as the end-of-the-year Iggies (our glamorous version of the Oscars). Our line-up for next year is: "The Tempest", "Mousetrap" (this will be our tribute to the 60th anniversary of the production being mounted in London), "The Frogs" (a musical spin-off of Aristophanes' comedy), and "The Passions of Dracula". We need fresh faces to audition and work as part of the crew, building sets or working backstage.

Contact for TCDS



World University Service of Canada, Trinity Chapter (WUSC)

WUSC is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions that believe that all people are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training. One way we do this is by financing and providing an overseas student that has been affected by either man-made or natural disasters with the opportunity to come study in Canada. This year we also plan to expand and host fundraising events such as Shine a Light and Bike for Aids.

Contact for WUSC




The yearbook of Trinity College always needs people to help out. A word of warning: the Stephanos takes sadistic pride in reprinting embarrassing photos taken of you at College events. Avoid cameras unless you’re absolutely certain you haven’t just spilled a drink all over yourself.


The Trinity University Review

Once Trinity’s major publication, the Review is now published twice a year. It showcases students’ poetry, short stories, photography, and artwork. It’s a consistently entertaining and interesting journal, so be sure to pick it up (it’s free because you pay for it through your incidental fees!) Even better: draw stuff, photograph stuff, write stuff, and you might get published!

Contact for Trinity Review

For general inquiries, please email

For questions regarding design and aesthetics, please email and


Trinity Environment Club (TEC)

The Trinity Environment Club (TEC) is a student-run club that is open to all students and staff at Trinity College who have an interest in environmental issues. The club hosts a diversity of events such as documentary nights, conferences, discussions, debates, conservation projects, volunteer outings, and fundraisers, to name a few. TEC works to host at least one event a year that will interest each student at Trinity. Trinity College has done many things to demonstrate its environmental consciousness and TEC hopes to continue to expand this even further this year. TEC works to improve the College’s environmental sustainability, and works towards larger environmental goals in the local and global community. The club meets every couple weeks and hosts a couple of events each month on average. This year the club is planning on partnering with many different groups and individuals for various events. Planned partnerships this year include working with the TCVS, Trinity Heads, Trinity administration, The Lit, the U of T Campus Agriculture Club, UTERN, Greenspire, and environmental NGOs (ENGOs).

Contact for TEC

Katie MacDonald, President:

Find us on Facebook at:


International Relations (IR) Society

The International Relations Society is the University of Toronto’s course union for students enrolled in the International Relations Programme. It offers inimitable opportunities for students to strengthen their skills learnt in class and to foster opportunities for discussion, debate, discourse and interactions between world leaders, policy makers, professors and students. In addition to the IR Society’s annual conference, there will be social events and speaker series, roundtable discussions and insightful lectures that will bring a real-world perspective to your schooling and provide a strong academic community outside the classroom, which will serve to equip you with interpersonal connections to compliment your academics and serve you well in your future endeavors.

Contact for IR Society

Students interested in joining the IRS should join our listSERV, which can be found on our website:

Any questions regarding further involvement within the IRS should be directed to: or


Trinity Against Sexual Assault and Harassment (TASAH)

TASAH aims to address social issues surrounding sexual assault and harassment in the Trinity community in a positive and constructive manner. TASAH strives to provide education on sexual assault, improve victim support framework, and act as a liaison between the senior administration and the student community. Executive positions will be open to incoming and returning students early in the academic year.

Contact for TASAH

Facebook: Elaine Gillis, Travis Dewolf or Amr Dodin.


Trinity College Young Liberals

The Trinity College Young Liberals is a club for Liberal and liberal-minded Trinity College students. Associated with the University of Toronto Young Liberals, our goal is to provide a forum for discussion of policy and the opportunity for political engagement across the board. We hold various socials throughout the year that include discussions with politicians and policymakers – they’re pretty much always a good time. We also work towards signing up more Liberal members and campaigning on the side of the Liberal candidates across the GTA.

Contact for Young Liberals

Adam Austen:


Trinity College Conservatives

The Trinity College Conservatives hold engaging events throughout the year and have a large, casual membership focused around a core of dedicated members, all of whom cooperate to ensure that the club runs smoothly. This year, there are still executive spots open, so look out for elections in the fall. We provide a welcoming atmosphere to everyone, including small-c and big-C conservatives, libertarians, and now and then even a curious Liberal! If you're on the right side of the spectrum and want a place to discuss your views on a left-wing campus, if you want to learn about political movements, or if you just want to see what makes Tories tick, come and check us out!

Contact for Trinity College Conservatives

Tim Thurley:



The James Bond Society

For the appreciation of James Bonds, this club gathers in the JCR to watch James Bond movies and enjoy topical refreshments, shaken not stirred. All attendees are expected to dress in their finest formal wear. This year, keep an eye out for a special club outing to see Skyfall in first semester!

Contact for James Bond Society

Celia Byrne:


Women Out Loud! (WOL)

This club provides a safe environment for the discussion of important gender issues within the Trinity and greater U of T community, and provides empowerment to create change.

Contact for WOL


Trinity Photography Club

The Trinity Photography Club aims to gather all photography lovers across Trinity College. The club features a wide range of activities to encourage and motivate the pursuit of photography as a hobby. Throughout the school year, the club offers trips, workshops, contests, and numerous volunteer photographer opportunities. The club also awards the Trinity Magazine Excellence in Photography Award. The TPC welcomes all students, regardless of skill level or type of camera.

Contact for Photography Club




Board Game Club

The Trinity College Board Game Club welcomes all Trinity students to satiate their intellectual and social cravings by indulging in our diverse collection of strategy and chance-based board games.  A game of Scrabble or Settlers of Catan is sure to quench your academic frustrations. Each session is free and open to all Trinity students (and their friends, of course), and if you’re not already sold, food is provided at every session without fail. Where? When? Don’t fret. We’ll keep you posted throughout the year with our posters and Facebook events.


Trinity College Theological Society

The Theological Society gathers for weekly meetings on Mondays at 8pm in the Junior Common Room of Trinity College, where theological and philosophical readings are followed by academic debate and disputation in a light, though intellectually-stimulating environment. All opinions are welcome, so long as you can vouch for them. The Society partakes in academic and artistic, as well as charitable excursions; it is also home to the bi-annual Trinity Theological Essayist Competition, first propagated in 1890 and renewed in 2011. Occasionally the Society hosts notable academics and specialists for speaking arrangements and public events.


Contact for Theological Society

Jozef Kosc at


Other Cool Clubs You Might Be Interested In

G8 Research Group: IR students analyze G8 countries’ commitment to summit promises, contact Abdi Aidid at for more info.

The Charcuterie Club: for the appreciation of cured meats

Prosters’ Society: Beer appreciation club